Precision Wire EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM Wire Cutting Advantages:
4-axis Wire EDM machines for complex shape cutting.
Little force and low impact cutting for delicate parts.
More accuracy with high tolerance processing.

—-Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)—or ‘Wire Cutting’—is a specialised CNC Machining manufacturing process in which a design shape in metal is achieved by utilizing electrical discharges to spark material away from the workpiece.

Wire cutting services based in Melbourne – Wire Cutting is achieved by means of a small (0.25mm) diameter current-carrying wire that passes through the workpiece, which necessitates that the cut either commences on the outside edge of the work-piece or through a starting hole drilled into the workpiece. The wire is positively charged with a voltage/current appropriate to the dimensions/material of the work-piece, while the work-piece itself is negatively charged in order to draw current. As such, the workpiece needs to be made of a conductive material. Throughout the cutting process, the wire circulates through the workpiece and is used only once.

Once initiated, the EDM machine automatically follows the programmed path from the CAD/CAM data. The machine settings are optimised for material thickness and type. The workpiece can be up to 400mm in length, 300mm in width and 250mm in thickness.

The Wire Cutting Services process often represents the only feasible way to achieve the desired outcomes, facilitating the relatively rapid creation of prototypes or short-run manufactured products. The EDM Wire Cutting machine allows the top head—through which the wire passes—to be moved up to 40mm in relation to the bottom head in order to achieve tapered cuts. However, the cut angle that can be accomplished is necessarily dependent on the thickness of the material.

EDM Wire Cutting is a simple process, but very accurate; it tends to be used in instances where the cutting length is long and where very small angled cuts need to be achieved. This degree of precision is often crucial where two components need to fit exactly together, such as with a punch and die, for example.

Wire Cutting Services Melbourne can also be required to facilitate Materials Testing and Analysis for parts that have failed. This is especially applicable in instances where the component to be tested is made of a hardened material—such as carbide—as EDM wire cutting often represents the only cost-effective and practical way to achieve the cut.

Precision Sheet Metal Services  – The EDM Wire Cutting set-up and preparation is a specialised procedure, as the wire cutting needs to be extremely precise in relation to other machined features. Typically, additional machining details need to be applied using other CNC Machining processes, such as Milling Services, Press Brake Forming, Precision Sheet Metal Services, Robot Welding, and Sheet Metal Bending Melbourne.

Hand-On Industries’ CAD CAM Services focuses on prototype and low-volume manufacture, providing quick quotations and the ability to undertake and complete jobs quickly. As such, we are experienced at programming and setting up for Wire Cutting Services short runs, delivering a time-efficient, cost-competitive and personal service to our customers.

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