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Melbourne Engineering robot welding

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is a welding process in which an electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the work-pieces, causing them to heat, melt and join. Robot MIG Welding uses the same principle as manual MIG welding, although the robot controls the process. In practice, this delivers several advantages: it can achieve better quality welds than by manual welding; it results in more consistent welds; and it facilitates weld components being set up for repetition. The greater the number of components, the more useful Robot Welding becomes. Although it takes a skilled person to set up the Robot MIG Welding machine, once the job is established an unskilled person is able to supervise the process.

Hand-On Industries uses Robot MIG Welding routinely for assembly of components. We predominantly weld steel components, but have the additional capability and expertise to weld stainless steel and aluminium. Much of the skill lies in the planning and engineering that needs to take place—using Product Design  and CAD CAM Services based in Melbourne—before the job can commence.

This preparatory design work incorporates a number of considerations: what needs to be manufactured; what are the tolerances; what are the issues; which CNC Machining, all available in Melbourne processes need to be used to manufacture the parts to optimise the welding process; which materials need to be used to meet the design specification; what welding sequence should be adopted to avoid distortion of the assembly and to facilitate the overall process.

Robot Welding Melbourne – Once these engineering considerations have been established, the fixturing/jigs—which holds the parts to be welded—need to be designed, using Product Design Melbourne and manufactured. As with the components of the assembly itself, this may entail a range of CNC Machining  processes, including Milling Services Melbourne, Precision Sheet Metal Services Melbourne, Press Brake Forming Melbourne, Sheet Metal Bending Melbourne and Wire Cutting Services Melbourne.

It is very important that the parts are held firmly and at the correct position/orientation to facilitate access for the welder. Once the fixturing and component elements have been manufactured, the robot needs to be programmed. This can be automated from the CAD system, using Melbourne based CAD CAM Services ; as the robot has six axes, it needs to be ‘taught’ the optimised path to take between welds.

Robot Welding Melbourne – Once completed, Materials Testing and Analysis forms an important final stage of the process. This involves cutting the weld open, treating/polishing the cut and inspection under a microscope to assess/measure the integrity of the weld. Ensuring that all necessary welds are inspected and certified, Hand-On Industries delivers a fully certified macro robot weld testing service.

Employing qualified welders, Hand-On Industries offers short-run and low-volume welding services at a competitive price point. Moreover, as a one-stop shop, we have the skills and experience to complete the entire manufacture process in-house, including the CAD Product Design, also Melbourne based, the fixture design, the CNC Machining Melbourne component manufacture, and the Robot Welding itself. As an example of our capabilities, using these services, we have made car seats for Tesla Motors.


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March 12, 2020