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Melbourne Engineering metal forming

Metal forming is the process of taking metal —in bar, sheet or wire form—and using standard or specially made tooling to change its shape, without adding or removing material. Unlike forging or casting, metal forming is a cold operation, which encompasses several different processes. These include Deep Drawing Tooling Melbourne, Precision Sheet Metal Services Melbourne, Press Brake Forming Melbourne, Deep Drawing Tooling Melbourne, Sheet Metal Bending Melbourne, coining, blanking and piercing. Most metal-formed components will undergo a combination of these disciplines.


For prototypes, Hand-On Industries typically forms a shape from a laser-cut blank. We then proceed with additional CNC Machining Melbourne operations, including CNC Routing Melbourne, Milling Services Melbourne, Robot Welding Melbourne, and Wire Cutting Services Melbourne.


Press Brake Forming Melbourne– Over an operating history spanning more than 20 years, Hand-On Industries has developed a broad portfolio of solutions and services for our customers, ranging from Product Design Melbourne and CAD CAM Services Melbourne to custom manufacturing and prototyping using an array of CNC Machining Melbourne processes. The experience gained by the company over this period has equipped us with the expertise needed to carry out metal forming and subsequent machining in the correct order to facilitate and simplify the entire manufacture/machining process.


Press Brake Forming Melbourne– While Hand-On Industries does not get involved in large production runs of metal forming, we pride ourselves on our high levels of in-house prototype-forming expertise, developed through extensive work for the automotive industry. For example, we manufactured many the prototype components for seats for the Tesla Model S.


Hand-On Industries’ advantage is the experience we have gained through the sheer volume of components made for the automotive industry and other sectors. We have developed specialised skills to manufacture these components in low quantities while achieving the desired quality, often using unusual/non-standard materials and techniques.


Deep Drawing Tooling Melbourne – In addition to manufacturing prototypes and short-run items, our customers often leverage our Product Design Melbourne services, CAD CAM Services Melbourne and metal forming expertise to discover what problems we encounter during the manufacturing of the prototype component. To achieve this, we typically use the customers’ own CAD plans to determine how to manufacture the item and how best to schedule the different processes involved. Once we have produced the prototype, we can then pass back the lessons learned to the customer to help them streamline their own manufacturing process. While having no impact on the final functionality of a component, often a simple design change made at the prototype stage can result in huge reductions in subsequent production costs for full-scale manufacturing runs.


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September 7, 2015