CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is a key tool within the modern engineering design process. It allows the creation of 3D models that are used throughout engineering and manufacturing processes, from conceptual design through to the dynamic analysis of assemblies. The CAD design process helps define the manufacturing methodology, both in terms of the processes used to achieve the desired outcome and the order of the manufacturing processes.

Hand-On Industries has developed its CAD CAM Services  and CAD Drafting Services in Melbourne for over 20-plus years, and specifically using SolidWorks since 1999. The most popular desktop-level CAD software being used worldwide, SolidWorks allows files to be exported to other CAD programs. Unlike legacy CAD software, SolidWorks facilitates 3D solid modelling, in which an item starts as a ‘solid block’ and allows elements to be virtually cut off or drilled out.


Individual components can be designed in isolation and then combined into assemblies. The software even allows moving parts.   As SolidWorks enables the user to conduct finite engineering analysis (FEA), the CAD model itself effectively works as the first prototype. Leveraging the embedded functionality of SolidWorks, Hand-On Industries can use the data to produce engineering drawings and to manufacture the components. In conjunction with SolidWorks, Hand-On Industries also employs the rendering software, KeyShot. This takes the SolidWorks data and renders it, using photo-realistic materials and properties, to generate 3D photo-quality images of the component—complete with labels—that can be viewed from any angle.

As well as making use of our extensive in-house CAD expertise, Hand-On Industries’ customers also benefit through the close integration between our CAD design and manufacturing processes; in fact, our CAD CAM Services  is one of our key differentiators. It is all too easy to generate a CAD design that is difficult or impossible to actually manufacture. However, as we use the CAD designs we generate in-house as the blueprints for our manufacturing processes, we can use our Product Design Melbourne experience to design components on CAD with manufacturability in mind, thereby streamlining the design/manufacturing process. In essence, this delivers a premium service to our customers, achieving a quick manufacturing turnaround at the expected quality and at a competitive price point.

With two seats of SolidWorks, Hand-On Industries’ Product Design Melbourne has aided customers across a broad spectrum of industries—including medical, rail and automotive—with the design and manufacture of a wide range of parts. These include precision sheet metal, machined and turned components, plus cables and assemblies.   Moreover, Hand-On Industries is also able to provide CAD design services that are distinct from our manufacturing business.


 Our CAD CAM Services  and CAD Drafting Service enables us to provide CAD drawings—complete with the customer’s own company letterhead—for those organisations which don’t have their own in-house drafting capability. Furthermore, our proficiency in Product Design  is enhanced by our knowledge of surface finishes and materials in order to manufacture parts that exactly meet our customers’ specifications.   Hand-On Industries also offers a Product Re-engineering Service .

Taking an existing component, we can perform a series of measurements and tests, including Material Testing & Analysis Melbourne to determine which materials have been used, which heat treatment has been applied and what the tolerances are. From this information, we are able to produce engineering CAD models to facilitate manufacture of replacement parts. This is particularly useful in instances where the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not known, where the OEM has gone out of business, or where genuine part replacement is now considered too expensive.

CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)
Hand-On Industries’ Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) service is an integral part of our CAD CAM Services. In essence, CAM is the interim stage between the CAD design and the CNC Machining Melbourne process; as most machines are unable to read CAD data directly, this information needs to be programmed in using the CAM process.   CAM uses CAD data—both the modelling and the drawings—to feed directly into the manufacturing/processing machines.

The CAM programming takes a number of factors into account: the optimal way to machine a part; the choice of machining processes and the sequence in which they should be employed; the selection of stock material; plus the jigging and fixture requirements for each stage of the process.   CAM is used across the full range of Hand-On Industries’ manufacturing disciplines: CNC Machining Melbourne; Milling Services Melbourne; Precision Sheet Metal Services Melbourne; Press Brake Forming Melbourne; Robot Welding Melbourne; Sheet Metal Bending Melbourne; Wire Cutting Services Melbourne; plus the manufacture of Deep Drawing Tooling Melbourne.  

At Hand-On Industries, we use CamWorks as a crucial element of our CAD CAM Services Melbourne, CAD Drafting Services Melbourne. A complementary software tool designed to work seamlessly with SolidWorks, CamWorks enables the efficient programming of production machines with the specific machining information they need to interpret the CAD data.   Hand-On Industries key differentiator in the Melbourne market place is that our CAD CAM Services enable us to produce CAD designs in-house, program our machines using CAM, and manufacture components directly.

The ability to perform these three key stages ourselves leads to a streamlined design and manufacturing process: we create a CAD design that enhances manufacturability; we use our CAM expertise to program this data into our own CNC Machining operations; and we assume responsibility for all key manufacturing stages within our own facility. Many comparative businesses are only set up to undertake one of these three stages, relying on other companies to carry out the rest of the process. As Hand-On Industries drives the process from the CAD design, through the CAM programming, to the actual production, we are able to deliver a superlative service to our customers, reducing errors, time and costs.   As part of Hand-On Industries’ CAD CAM Services Melbourne and CNC Machining, we offer 3- and 4-axis machining, multi-axis machining, precision combination component manufacture, and manage additional required sub-contracted processes as required.

These services are geared towards precision-machined components and assemblies for prototype and short-run type manufacturing requirements.   While our CAM services are usually a hidden part of the internal process that facilitates our seamless delivery to customers, Hand-On Industries can also offer a unique stand-alone CAM service—supported by Beehive, a proprietary software developed in-house—to customers wanting to establish fixturing and programming of their own machines.   Hand-On Industries focuses on short-run or prototype manufacturing requirements. The company is set up to meet the precise needs of our valued customers through the ability to tailor our CAD CAM Services  and CNC Machining Melbourne services. We are happy to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end CAD, CAM and manufacturing package, or equally pleased to meet the customer’s choice of partial-process packages, incorporating stand-alone CAD, CAM or manufacturing services, or indeed any combination of these disciplines.