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CNC Machining Melbourne

CNC machines, what are they? How do CNC machines work? What can CNC machines produce? CNC Machines and Inovation Haas VF2 Specifications   CNC Machining Melbourne- CNC machines, what are they? CNC machines are controlled by a computer to give high precision cutting...

CAD drafting services and Prototyping

CAD drafting services We use Solidworks, our preferred CAD CAM software, and it is probably the best you can get which sometimes can be a problem because you can design objects and products that look great on screen but maybe next to impossible to produce...

EDM Wire Cutting

EDM wire cutting has the special ability to machine a variety of conductive materials including super alloys, medical grade steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, all the aluminium alloys, copper and brass. Even metals that have been hardened or are especially ductile or brittle are usually difficult to machine by other means, can be effectively machined by the EDM wire cutting method….