CNC Routing Machining Melbourne

CNC Routing Machining Melbourne

CNC Routing Machining Melbourne
What is CNC machining or routing? It is a computer-controlled cutting machine and is used for cutting a variety of hard materials such as steel and aluminium and plastics. CNC stands for computer numerical control. The CNC milling machine and CNC routing machine are very similar concepts. Our CNC machining capabilities are based in Melbourne and we also provide CNC routing and milling services all based in Melbourne Australia.

Cnc routing Melbourne– The CNC router is controlled by computer and originate in a separate CAD program.We can produce the design In Our CAD software application which is used directly to upload the design to the milling or routing machines. CNC machining Melbourne services offer 3 to 4 axis machining with multi-axis options, we can produce precision components at these Melbourne-based services are geared towards very precise machine parts and assemblies which are ideal for prototype one-off samples leading onto a short run and production.

CNC Machining Melbourne – The beauty of CNC machining is the machine tools functions through numeric control. A computer program can control exact positioning and velocity. To start with a 3-D CAD drawing is created, we use SolidWorks, one of the best 3-D CAD program is available. CNC machine is then loaded with the CAD information and then the work is down to the CNC machine which produces a perfect prototype.

With high levels of accuracy on all CNC machines, we are able to produce any size of prototype,. We can fabricate small scale consumer products or large installations, all of which can be produced on our CNC routing and milling machines here in Melbourne. we also provideĀ CAD CAM Services Melbourne.


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October 9, 2015